Dec 06


The University has implemented the Astria Digital Library (ADL) as part of its
programme to enhance service delivery. The library has over 75,000 books and
articles in all academic programmes which can be accessed both online and offline
using a computer, smartphone or tablet. In addition to the physical Library at Ben
Bella Office in Lusaka, the eLibrary will be the main source of learning materials for
both academic staff and students.
Students are encouraged to use Wifi facilities available at all regional centres to
access the eLibrary. In order to access the eLibrary, academic staff and students are
required to have an active Moodle account and can login using the instructions
indicated below.

All users must login at the below indicated authentication URL at least once, before
they can use the application or login at the base URL.

The authentication URL is: https://access.astrialibrary.com/s/zaou/saml/login
The base URL for the library is:


Please call ICT Support or the Library if you are having challenges accessing the
eLibrary on 211 427600


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