Jun 05


The University will be holding Online Take-Home Examinations from 8th June to 12th June 2020. The following general instructions should be observed for all examination papers. Specific instructions are on the examination papers.

  • Access to examination papers on Moodle will be from Monday 8th June starting at 8:00hrs
  • Students are expected to finish writing the examinations on 12th June 2020.
  • Login into Moodle and navigate to my courses
  • The examination papers are located under assignments and quizzes for each course and are titled ‘Examinations’
  • Download the paper for your particular course and save it on your computer. You may also print a copy for use offline as a take-home examination.
  • After writing the examination paper upload it under the examinations folder in Moodle (you are encouraged to upload each examination paper immediately after completion).
  • All examination answer sheets should be typed in Microsoft Word unless specified on the examination paper
  • There will be no extension to the examination closing date even for those registering late.
  • All examination answer sheets will be subjected to a plagiarism test immediately after uploading
  • Students will only be allowed to submit one paper per course
  • Students are allowed to replace the uploaded examination paper before the closing date.
  • During the examination only fully registered students will be able to access and submit assignments and examination papers
  • Students should check the examination registration list available on the website or academic office.

If you need assistance regarding access to Moodle call the numbers below or email ictsupport@zaou.ac.zm. Matters relating to registration and the examination contact academic office on admissions@zaou.ac.zm

Contacts: +260-211-427600 +260-211-845469, +260-969-672965, +260-976-123055

Examination Enquiries – Mr Katyamba – 0962215561

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