Head of Department: Dr. J. K. Chenda, B.Sc (Ed.) (UNZA), M.Sc, PhD (Voronezh, USSR)

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CVE 111 Introduction to Civic Education Mr M. Mwansa
PA 125 Introduction to Public Administration Dr M Chitala
EDG 1 Study and Communication Skills Dr M. Chitala
EDP 2 Development of Education in Zambia Dr M.M Mabenga
EDP 3 Sociology in Education Dr S.W.M Kunkhuli
EDS 83 Psychology( Secondary) Mrs E Simwiinga
EDP 7 Role of Education in Development Mrs M.K Ng’andu
EDS 14 Educational Administration and Management Mr K.B Chirwa
CVE 112 Introduction to Governance Dr L. Chilufya
PL 115 Introduction to Political Science Mr K Chabu
EDP 17 Home Economics: Introduction to Food and Nutrition Science E.N Chingo
EDS 2 Structure of Contemporary English: Introducing Language and Linguistics Mr O.G Nyirenda
EDS 3 Science, Biology: Cell Structure and Bimolecular Dr J. Chenda
EDS 4 Human and Nature of Geography Mrs M. C Muzyamba
EDS 6 African History I (1750-1914) Mr W Sapao
EDS 8 Religious Studies I Rev. W.B Kandinda
EDS 12 Zambian Languages: Structure of Bantu Languages E.M Mulenga
EDS 17 Mathematics I Mr A.K Chishiba
EDS 39 French Language I Prof M. Musonda
EDS 35 Science: Physics I E. Musonda
EDS 36 Science: Chemistry I Mr S.G Phiri
EDP 39 Physical Education I Mr S.C Mutiti
CVE 211 Introduction to Constitution and Human Rights Mr M. Mwansa
CVE 221 Introduction to Piece and Conflicts Studies Dr, L. Chilufya
EDAE7/EDG 3 Educational Research (Quantitative & Qualitative) Mr S.W.M Phiri
EDG 2 Gender Issues Mr M. Changala
EDP 10 Zambian Languages: Phonology and Morphology of a Zambian Language Mr M.G Simfukwe
EDP 14 Physical Education: kinesiology (Skeletal System) Mr S.C Mutiti
EDP 27 Philosophy of Education Dr M.M. Mabenga
EDP 29 Home Economics: Community Nutrition Education Mrs Ngoma
EDS 5 Science – Biology: Molecular Biology and Genetics Dr C Katongo
EDS 9/50 Religious Studies II Dr A.M Cheyeka
EDS 15 Structure of Contemporary English: Phonetics and Phonology Mrs M. Dube
EDS 18 African History II Mr W. Sapao
EDS 20 Geography of Zambia Mrs M.C Muzyamba
EDS 53 French Language II Prof M. Musonda
EDS 37 History: Introduction to Archaeological Principles & Techniques Dr F.B Musonda – PT
EDS 54 (i) Science – Physics 1 Mr S.G Phiri
EDS I6 Mathematics II Mr A.K Chishiba – PT
EDS 93 Science – Inorganic Chemistry Mr S.G Phiri
EDS 102 English: Introduction to Literature Mrs S S Kaulule – PT
EDS 19 Introduction to Physical Geography Mr G.B Chipeta
EDS 29 Economic History of Europe I (1790-1914) Dr E K Chiputa – PT
EDS 30 Mathematics: Differential Calculus L. Simataa
EDS 24 Structure of Contemporary English: Morphology, Word Formation and Syntax Mr O.G Nyirenda
EDS 26/27 Indigenous Religions in Southern Africa Dr A.M Cheyeka
EDS 28 Zambian Languages: Studies in Non – Bantu Languages of Africa Mrs E.M Mulenga
EDS 54 (ii) Science: Physics II E. Musonda – PT
EDS 55 Science: Chemistry II Mr S.G Phiri
EDS 69 French Language III Prof M Musonda
EDS 71 Introduction to Literature in French Prof M Musonda
EDS 86 Philosophy of Religion Rev. B.W Kandinda
EDS 32 The Diversity of Plants Dr J. Chenda
EDP 40 Home Economics: Health Education E.N Chingo
EDP 38 Home Economics: Teaching Methods I E.N Chingo
EDP 22 Physical Education: Basic Skills in Netball Mr S.C Mutiti
CVE 212 Introduction to Population and Environmental Issues Dr L. Mweemba
CVE 222 Advanced Peace and Conflicts Studies Dr L. Chilufya
EDP 27 Philosophy of Education Dr M.M. Mabenga
EDG 2 Gender Issues Mr M. Changala
CVE 311 Zambian Culture C Kandondo
CVE 321 Public Legal Education Studies Prof Y. Chondoka
CVE 341 Civic Education Teaching Methods Mr M. Mwansa
EDP 24 Physical Education and Health Mr S.C Mutiti
EDP 25 Zambian Languages Teaching Methods Mr M.G Simfukwe
EDP 28 Syntax and Semantics of Selected Zambian Languages Mr M.G Simfukwe
EDP 33 Physical Education Teaching Methods 1 Mr S.C Mutiti
EDP 37 Home Economics: Clothing and Textiles Mrs Ngoma
EDP 41 Theory and Practice of Education Mr K.B Chirwa
EDP 54 Home Economics Teaching Methods II Mrs Ngoma
EDS 31 Mathematics: Integral Calculus L. Simataa
EDS 41 History: Economic History of Europe 2 Dr E.K Chiputa
EDS 42 Secondary School Religious Education Teaching Methods 1 Dr M. Simuchimba – PT
EDS 44 English: Semantics and Pragmatics Mr O.G Nyirenda
EDS 45 Geography: Climatology Mr G.B Chipeta
EDS 46 Geography Teaching Methods Dr L. Mweemba – PT
EDS 47 Religious Studies: Theories of Conversion in Africa Mr N.M Haambokoma – PT
EDS 48 English Teaching  Methods( Secondary) Mr OG Nyirenda
EDS 49 History Teaching Methods Mrs M Ng’andwe
EDS 51 Science Teaching Methods Mr A Chibesakunda – PT
EDS 52 Mathematics Teaching Methods Mr S.J Kandingwa – PT
EDS 65 Science: Electrochemistry Mr S.G Phiri
EDS 66 (i) Physics: Theory of Relativity/Quantum Mechanics Mr S.G Phiri
EDS 70 French Composition and Translation Prof M. Musonda
EDS 78 French Teaching Methods I Prof M. Musonda
EDS 96 Biology: Protist and Fungi Dr H. Musonda
TP Teaching Practice Mr K.B Chirwa
EDS 22 Mathematics: Probability 1 Dr G. Muleya – PT
EDS 34 English: Criticism and Theory of Literature Mrs S.S Kaulule – PT
EDS 43 English: Discourse Analysis Mrs M. Dube
EDS 58 Religious Studies: African Independent Churches Dr A.M Cheyeka – PT
EDS 59 Religious Studies: Introduction to World Scriptures Rev. B.W Kandinda
EDS 60 Zambian Languages: African Oral Literature N.M Mundia – PT
EDS 61 Zambian Languages: Selected Topics in Linguistics Mrs E.M Mulenga – PT
EDS 63 Geography: Themes in Rural Geography Mrs M C Muzymba
EDS 64 Geography: Economic Geography Mrs M.C Muzymba
EDS 67 History of Modern India Part 1 (1850-1947) Dr K. Krishna – PT
EDS 72 French: Intermediate African Literature in French Prof M. Musonda
EDS 73 French: English – French Translation Prof M. Musonda
EDS 76 Pre – colonial History of Zambia Mr M. Mwansa
EDP 34 Physical Education: Basic Skills in Volleyball and Basketball Mr S.C Mutiti
EDP 48 Home Economics: Family Resource Management E.N Chingo – PT
EDS 89 ( i & ii) Science: Organic Chemistry Parts I & II) Dr J. Chenda
EDS 66 (ii) Science: Physics,  Einstein ‘ s Theory of Relativity E. Musonda
CVE 312 Gender and Development G. Muleya
CVE 322 Advanced Constitution and Human Rights C. Kandondo
CVE 332 Civil Society and the Community G. Muleya
EDP 36 The Political Economy of Education Dr M.M Mabenga
CVE 411 Global Issues G. Muleya
CVE 421 Civil Defence Relations G. Muleya
CVE 431 Civic Education Project G. Muleya
EDAE 21 Proposal Writing Mr S.W.M Phiri
EDP 42 Curriculum Design I Mr I.M Mulenga
EDP 43 Physical Education Teaching Methods. Mr S.C Mutiti
EDP 45 Issues in Zambian Languages Education (part II) Mr M.G Simfukwe
EDP 46 Skills and Techniques in English Language Teaching Dr M.M Mabenga
EDP 52 Physical Education: Athletics Mr S.C Mutiti
EDP 56 Home Economics: Issues in Home Economics E.N Chingo
EDS 25 Religious Studies: Hebrew Prophets Prof O. Dube
EDS 56 Study in Contemporary Linguistics: Psycholinguistics Mrs Dube
EDS 68 History of Modern India (1947 – 1985) Dr K. Krishna
EDS 75 Mathematics Teaching Methods II S J Kandingwe
EDS 77 Geography: Environment and Development Mr G B Chipta
EDS 79 4th Year Mathematics L. Simataa
EDS 80 Religious Studies: Church History in Zambia Dr A.M Cheyeka
EDS 82 Secondary School Religious Education Teaching Methods II Dr M. Simuchimba
EDS  88 French Teaching Methods II Pro. M. Musonda
EDS 89 Science: Organic Chemistry (iii & iv) Mr S.G Phiri
EDS 91 French: Albert Camus Prof M. Musonda
EDS 94 Physics – Modern Physics: Nuclear Factors Mr S. G Phiri
EDS 98 Advanced Genetics Dr C. Katongo
EDS 104 History: European History 1 Mrs Ng’andwe
EDS 23 Mathematics: Probability 2 L. Simataa
EDG 4 Research Project Mr S W M Phiri
EDP 50 Physical Education: Sports Administration and Management Mr S C Mutiti
EDP 51 Zambian Languages: Theoretical Syntax Mr M G Simfukwe
EDS 57 English: Sociolinguistics Mrs M. Dube
EDS 81 History: Land, Labour and Capital in Southern Africa Mrs M  Ng’andwe
EDS 84 Religious Studies: Christianity and Islam in Africa Mr N M Haambokoma
EDS 85 Religious Studies: Religious Ethics Prof O Dube
EDS 87 Geography: Natural Resources Management Mr G B Chipeta
EDS 92 French: Le Theatre de l ‘ Absurde (Eugene Lonesco) Prof M Musonda
EDS 90

( i & ii)

Chemistry: Spectroscopy Mr S G Phiri
EDS 95 Science: Physics,  Computational Physics E. Musonda
EDS 99 Biology: Applied Genetics Dr J Chenda
CVE 412 Advanced Population and Environmental Studies B Chileshe
CVE 422 Core Values and Principles of Democracy C. Kandondo
CVE 432 Themes in Development Studies Mr M. Mwansa
CVE 442 Regional and International Protocols and Conventions C. Kandondo
EDP 49 Inclusive Education Mr C. Makasa
EDP 47 Curriculum Design 2 Mr I.M Mulenga
EDS 21 Politics and Religion with Specific Reference to Zambia Dr A.M Cheyeka
EDS 62 Mathematics:  Introduction to Statistics L. Simataa
EDS 105 European History II Mr W. Sapao


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