The Zambian Open University (ZAOU) has published its first volume of the Law Journal. The Law Journal has been published law-journalunder the University’s School of Law. The Journal is the first to be published by the University. The Zambian Open University being a high learning institution recognises the need to contribute to the country’s Legal knowledge base and the Law Profession in the country.  ZAOU Law journal is a demonstration of the University’s capacity to not only teach but to also conduct Social and Legal research. The Zambian Open University is the second University in Zambia after the University of Zambia to publish scholarly works. This journal is the inaugural issue. The University intends to publish the journal consistently in the coming years at least twice a year.

It features articles of high academic quality written by local and foreign legal scholars. These articles deal with important topics for both professional and lay readers. The journal covers topics such as law and ethics, risk management, the lawyer as a member of the community, corruption and street law.

Selected reviews on recent legislation are also included in the first volume. In addition, there are reviews on recent and ground breaking publications in the areas of law of tourism, law of diplomacy and property crime. The journal is not only intended for academic lawyers or legal practitioners, but also for a wide readership. The articles published cover a range of legal concepts, principles and practices that are relevant to understanding the role of law in society.

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