Publications for Dr MACHUNGWA,

    Dr. MACHUNGWA, Peter

    Position: Former: Senior Lecturer, Department of Human Resource Management

    B.A. (UNZA), M.A, PhD (Michigan State)

    Former: Senior Lecturer, Department of Human Resource Management 

    Specialization: Industrial Organizational Psychology

    Research Interest: Organizational change management 


    A. Book

    1. Kalula, E. & Machungwa, P. D (Eds) (1995). ”Some Aspects to Zambian Labour Relations: Background Papers”.                 Interdisciplinary Research Group on Zambian Labour Relations, University of Zambia Press, Lusaka.

    B. Journal Articles

    1. Machungwa, P. D. (1986). “Effective Management of Change: The Key to Organisational Viability. Zambia Institute of Personnel Management Journal.
    2. Machungwa, P. D. (1986). “The Role of Higher Institution of Learning in Workers Education: Lessons from Workers Participation, Journal of |Adult Education.
    3. Aliu, M. R. & Machungwa, P. D. (1985). Participative Management in Developing Countries. Managerial Psychology 6 (1):1 –24.

    Machungwa, P. D & Schmitt, N. (1983)  Work Motivation in Developing Countries. Journal of Applied Psychology 68 (1):31-42.

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