Publications for Dr. MBEWE-KUNKHULI, Simeoni W.

    Position: Senior Lecturer, Department of Secondary Education

    BEd (Psychology and Civics) (UNZA), M.A. Ed Society., M.Ed. Soc. Ed. (Columbia); M.Ed. Teacher Ed., Ed.D. (British Columbia),

    Specialization: Sociology of  Education and Organizational and effective Leadership

    Research Interest: Extent and reasons behind commercial sex worker, as well as child labor.


    A. Books and Monographs

    1. Kunkhuli, S. W. M. (2014). A Description of the perceptions and climates of Zambia’s ‘Effective Schools’. Xlibris Publishing Company, London.

    B. Chapters in Books

    1. The value of education in Zambia in the 21st In: Kreinbaum, M. A, Gramelt, Katja et al. (eds) (2012): Living and Living in Zambia. Toronto, Budrich UniPress Ltd., pages 99 – 107.

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