Publications for Dr MILIMO, John T

    Theology (Kachebere Major Seminary), MA (Gregorian), PG Dip., M.Lit., D.Phil (Social Anthopology) (Oxford)

    Specialization: Social Anthropology.

    Research Interest: Policies and development in various sectors of society and government. 


    A. Books

    1. Milimo, J. T, Kalyalya D. and S. Lake, l998: Promoting Equity within Cost Sharing Schemes in the Health Sector, London.
    1. Wood A. P., Stewart K. and Milimo J. T. (1990). The Dynamics of Agricultural Policy and Performance in Zambia, Policy and Performance in Zambia, Policy and Performance in Zambia, Iowa University Press.
    1. Milimo J. T. (1971). Bantu Wisdom, a collection of proverbs from all the major Zambian and Malawian languages, as well as the Shona and Sena languages of Zimbabwe and Mozambique.
    1. Milimo J. T. (1971). Kwacha Ngwee, Tuye Kuli Baama (trans: “It is dawn, let us go to Mother”) Tonga language. 

    B. Chapters in Books

    1. Alberts H., Colin Witshaw and Milimo, J. T. (2005). “Scaling up Poverty Reduction in Malawi and Zambia,” in L. Fox and R. Liebenthal, Attacking Poverty in Africa, World Bank, Washington.

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