Publications for Dr. MWANSA, Kalombo

    Position: Former Senior Lecturer, School of Law

    LLB (UNZA), LLM (Harvard), LLM (Cambridge), M Phil., PhD (London).

    Specialization: Criminal Justice

    Current Research: Crime control and analysis 


    A. Books

    1. Mwansa, K. T. (2012). Property Crime and the Criminal Process in Lusaka Magistrate’s Courts. Lambert Academic Publishing, Saarbrucken, Germany.           

    B. Chapters in Books           

    1. Mwansa, K. T. (1985). “A Survey of Property Crime in Zambia”. In: K.O. Hwedie and M. Ndulo (eds). Issues in Zambian Development.  Roxbury, Mass.
    1. Mwansa, T. (1989).  “Juvenile Delinquency in Zambia:  The Law and Parental Role in its Control”. In: K. Osei-Hwedie and M. Ndulo (eds). Studies in Youth and Development, Lusaka.
    1. Mwansa, K. T., Kakula, L. and Beyani, C. (1986). “The Legal System of Zambia”. In: Kenneth Robert Redden, (ed) Modern Legal Systems Encyclopedia, Vol 7. New York.

    C. Journal Articles

    1. Mwansa, K. T. and Kulusika, S. (2016). The role of a Lawyer in Society. Zambian Open University Law Journal (ZAOULJ) 1(10): 1-25.
    1. Mwansa, K. T. (1992). “Zambia Police and Crime Prevention”. Lesotho Law Journal.
    1. Mwansa, K. T. and Mumba, A. (1987). “Zambia Police and the Changing Society”. ZANGO a Zambian Social Science Journal.
    1. Mwansa, K. T. (1986). “The Status of African Customary Criminal Law in Zambia: A case for the integration of the Two Systems”.  Zimbabwe Law Review 23.
    1. Mwansa, K. T. (1986). “Zambia Police Amendment Act 1985: A comment on the Vigilante Scheme”. Zambia Law Journal, 108.
    1. Mwansa, K. T. (1984). “Aggravated Robbery and the Death Penalty in Zambia:  an Examination of the 1974 Penal Code Amendment Act (No. 2)”. Zambia Law Journal, 69.
    1. Mwansa, K. T. (1982). “Bigamy Law in Zambia:  A Critical View”. Zambia Law Journal, 32.
    1. Mwansa, K. T. “The Definition of a ‘Fire-arm’ in Armed Robbery: John Timothy and Feston Mwamba V of the People”. Zambia Law Journal, 85.

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