Publications for Mr MABWE, Thomas M.C.

    Position: Lecturer I, Department of Development Studies

    BA (UNZA), MA (UEA/UK)

    Specialization: Development and Migration Studies

    Research Interest: Socio-economic integration of refugee communities within host nation.


    A. Chapters in books

    1. Mabwe, T. M. C. (1995).  The Impact of Planned Refugee Settlement in Local Communities:  The Case of Ukwimi. In Nsolo Mijere (ed).  African refugees and human rights in host countries:  The long-term demographic, environmental, economic, social and psychological impact of Angolan refugees in Zambia:  Vintage  Press, New York.
    1. Mabwe, T. M. C. (1993).  A failed repatriation:  The attempted repartition of Angolan refugees from Zambia.  In Marga-Leena Suanto (ed).  Pitika matka Kotiin.  Finish Refugee Council.  Pololaiser ja Palemmuutto.

    B. Journal Article

    1. Mabwe T. M. C and Black, R. (1992). Planning for refugees in Zambia:  The  Settlement approach to food self-sufficiency.  Third World Planning Review, Vol. 14  (11): 1 – 20.


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