Publications for Mrs. KANDUZA, Esther

    Position: Lecturer I, Department of Guidance and Counselling

    BSW (Dalhousie), BA SW (Dalhousie), MSW (Iowa)

    Specialization: Social Work/Counseling

    Research Interest: Sexual gender based violence among school girls 


    A. Books and Monographs

    1. Kanduza, E. (2012).  Swazi women and political participation: Influencing factors.  LAP Lambert Academic. Saarbrucken, Germany.
    1. Kanduza, E (1996). A training manual on psychology. Swaziland Public Relations Association, Mbabane, Swaziland.
    1. Kanduza, E. (1990). An alternative pre-school teacher training syllabus in Swaziland, Ministry of Education, Mbabane, Swaziland.
    1. Anstey, B. E .with Kanduza E. (1988). Women and Pesticides in Africa, University of Iowa, Iowa City, United States of America.
    1. Hurlich, with Kanduza, E. (1986).  Women in Zambia, Susan Hurlich (Author), CIDA, Lusaka.

    B. Journal Article

    1. Kanduza E. et al. (1986). “Importance of research in development issues concerning women”, Canadian Women’s Studies Journal Vol.7, No.2: 78-84.

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