Publications for Mrs. MUZYAMBA, Cecilia K. M

    Position:Lecturer I, Department of Secondary Education

    Dip Ed (Nkrumah), BA Ed, MSc (UNZA)

    Specialization: Geography

    Research Interest: How knowledge, attitudes and perceptions influence economic and health livelihoods.


    A. Books

    1. Muzyamba, C. (2012). The Impact of Structural Adjustment Programme on Household Structures: A Case of  Mufulira. Saarbrucken, LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing GmbH & Co.

    B. Journal Article

    1. Muzyamba, C. M. (2015). Knowledge and Perceptions on Urban Health Hazards in Zambia: A case study of Kitwe District. Journal of US-China Public Administration, Vol 12:4, 262-272.

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