Publications for Prof. CHONDOKA, Yizenge A

    Position: Associate Professor, Department of Secondary Education

    Dip Ed, BA (Ed), MA (UNZA), PhD (Toronto) 

    Specialization: History

    Research Interest: Traditional and socio-economic history of the migrations and developments of various tribes.


    A. Books

    1. Chondoka, Y.A and Bota, F, (2015). A History of the Tumbuka from 1400 to 1900: The Tumbuka under the M’nyanjagha, Chewa, Balowoka, Senga and Ngoni Chiefs. [Second Edition]. Xlibris, London.
    1. Chondoka, Y. A. (2007). MACHONA Returned Labour Migrants and Rural Transformation in Chama District, Northeastern Zambia, 1890 – 1964. Academic Press, Lusaka.
    1. Chondoka, Y. A.  (2007).  A History of the Tumbuka & Senga in Chama District, 1470 to 1900.Academic Press, Lusaka.
    1. Chondoka, Y. A. (2004). Cleanse Me, Cleanse me Differently.  Zambia UNESCO Office, Lusaka
    1. Chondoka, Y. A. and. Manchishi. P. M. (1999). The Historical background to Curriculum Development in Zambia 1883 – 1999. Ministry of Education/CDC. Lusaka.
    1. Chondoka, Y. A. and Tukiya Kankasa-Mabula, T. (1996).   In the Best Interest of the Girl Child.  The effects of the Cultural and Legal Environment on Education for Zambian Girls.   UNICEF and Ministry of Education (MOE), Lusaka.
    1. Chondoka, Y. A (1989). Traditional Marriages in Zambia. A Study in Cultural History.  Mission Press, Ndola.  [REPRINTED, 2001]

    B. Chapters in Books

    1. Chondoka, Y. A. (2005). “Remembering Pioneers in University education: An exploratory study of the Zambian University Graduates before political independence in 1964”. Proceedings of the Workshop to Commemorate Zambia’s Forty Years of Independence and the 40th Anniversary of the University of Zambia.  Department of History, University of Zambia, Lusaka. January 24 – 25, 2005
    1. Chondoka, Y. A. (1990). “Economy and Society in North-eastern Rhodesia up to 1945”. In Ackson Kanduza (ed.), Social-Economic Change in Eastern Zambia:  Pre- colonial to the 1980s. Historical Association of Zambia, Lusaka.

    C. Journal Articles

    1. Chondoka, Y. A. (2005). “The Historiography of the Tumbuka history”, Zambia Journal of History 9.
    1. Chondoka, Y. A. (2004). “Hiv-Aids and Sexual Cleansing Practices in Zambia”, The  Challenge.  Quarterly Magazine for Christian Living Today, Volume 6, number 1.
    1. Chondoka, Y. A. (2002). “Interactive Radio Instructions in Zambia”, The Challenge. Quarterly Magazine for Christian Living Today, Volume 4, Number 2.
    1. Chondoka, Y. A. (1987). “Examining British Agricultural Policies in Lower Egypt, 1882- 1922”.Transafrican Journal of History, Vol. 16,
    1. Chondoka, Y. A. (1986). “Teaching Climatic data in Secondary School Geography”,  Zambia Geographical Journal, School Supplement, Number 9.

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