Publications for Prof. DUBE, Obed

    Position: Associate Professor, Department of Secondary Education.

    BA, MA (Andrews, MI., USA), D Lit et Phil (UNISA)

    Specialization: Religious Studies and Statistics

    Research Interest: Modernization and Religion


    A. Books

    1. Dube, O. (2012). Face to Face with the Remnant. Atma Printers: Lusaka, Zambia. Dube, O. (2011). Facing the Exit. Mambo Press: Gweru, Zimbabwe.

    B. Journal articles

    1. Dube, O. (2005). Hold Paul, Help Peter: A Study in Divine Activity (Or Can an African be Held/Helped?”  Africa Journal of Theology 5: 37 – 49.
    1. Dube, O. (2005). The Periodization and Thematic Structure of Ezra-Nehemiah.  Insight Journal of Religious Studies: Babcock University, Nigeria June –December Issue.
    1. Dube, O. (2001). The Assailability of the Prophetic Figure and Message in the Book of Jeremiah. Journal of Adventist Theological Association 4: 25 – 36.
    1. Dube, O. (1993).  Presuppositions: Emic fears, Etic conflicts. Solusi Journal of Theology 2:1-7.
    1. Musvosvi, J. N and Dube, O.  (1993).  The Created Image of Genesis. Solusi Journal of Theology 2: 14-23.
    1. Dube, O. (1992). Solusi Journal of Theology 1: 1 – 9.

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