Publications for Prof MAIPOSE, Gervase Sankwe

    Position: Associate Professor, Department of Governance & Public Administration

    BA (UNZA), MPhil (Glasgow), PhD (Manchester) 

    Specialization: Public Finance and Public Policy

    Research Interest: Development policies, strategic interventions and governance at different levels of the State. 


    A. Monographs

    1. Maipose, G. S. (2008). Policy and Institutional Dynamics of Sustained Development in Botswana. The World Bank, Washington DC.
    1. Maipose,G. S. & Somolekae. G. (1996). Aid Effectiveness in Botswana: Management of External Assistance and Case Studies of the US/Botswana Bilateral Aid Relationship. Overseas Development Council, Washington DC.
    1. Maipose, G. S. (1991). Retrenchment & Redeployment in the Public Sector: The Zambian Experience, Geneva: International Labour Office.
    1. Maipose, G. S. & Mwape,. B. L (1988).  Zambia: Survey of Administration & Management in the Public Sector. GTZ, Bonn.
    1. Maipose, G.S. and Chibaye, C. (1983). Collective Bargaining and other forms of workers’ participation in Zambia. Labour Management Relations Series No. 64. International Labour Office, Geneva.

    B. Chapters in Books

    1. Maipose, G. S. (2012). Developmental State Capacity, Poverty Reduction and Institutional Reforms in Botswana. In Onalenna Selolwane (eds). Poverty Reduction and Changing Policy Regimes in Botswana Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke, UK.
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    1. Maipose, G. S. (2009). Democratic Governance and Economic Management in Botswana: Review of Country Experience and Challenges. In: Good Governance and Civil Society Participation in Africa. Organization for Social Science Research in Eastern and Southern Africa (OSSREA), Addis Ababa.
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    C. Journal Articles

    1. Maipose, G. S. (2008). Comment: the Performance of Decentralization Efforts in Africa and Relevance of the issues raised by Walter O. Oyugi. Regional Development Dialogue – RDD – 29 No. 2, Autumn, 15 -31.
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