Publications for Prof MIJERE, Nsolo A. Nestor

    Position: Professor School of Humanities and Social Sciences

    Dip. (Claver House), MA (Catholic U), PhD. (Sociology) (Brandeis)

    Specialization: Industrial Sociology and Sociological Theory.

    Research Interest: Human migration and development.


    A. Books

    1. Mijere, N. (2009). Informal Cross-Border Trade in the Southern African Development Community (SADC), Addis Ababa: Organization for Social Science Research in East and Southern Africa.
    1. Mijere, N. (1996). African Refugees and Human Rights, and Psychological Impacts of Angolan Refugees in Zambia, New York: Vantage Press.

    B. Chapters in Books

    1. Mijere, N. (1989). “The Youth and Development of Self-reliance in Zambia”. In K. Osei-Hwedie and M. Ndulo (eds). Youth Development: A Reader. Lusaka: Multimedia Publications.
    1. Mijere, N. (1992). Development Policies, Migrations and their Socio-economic Impact on Zambia” in Migrations Development & Urbanization Policies in Sub-Saharan Africa. In Moriba Toure and T.O. Fadayomi (eds), CODESRIA Book Series: Dakar.
    1. Mijere, N. (1994). “Rural-Urban Migration and Urbanization in Zambia during the Colonial and Post-colonial Periods”. In Ezekiel Kalipeni (ed). Population Growth and Environmental Degradation in Southern Africa. Lynne Reinner Publishers: Boulder.
    1. (1991). “Labour Aristocracy and National Building in Africa: The Case of Zambia,”. In Kwaku Osei-Hwedie and Muna Ndulo (eds). The Development Puzzle: Some Insights From  Africa, Petersburg: Brunswick..
    1. Mijere, N. and Osei-Hwedie K. (1991). Community Work Programme as Alternative to Service Charge Arrears: A Case Study of Kalingalinga Township in Lusaka”. In: Kwaku Osei-Hwedie and Muna Ndulo (eds). Development at Crossroads: An African Experience. Petersburg: Brunswick.
    1. Mijere, N. (1985). “One Industry, One Union: The Rise and Fall for Governmental Control of the Mine Workers’ Union of Zambia, 1930-1982”. In: Kwaku Osei-Hwedie and Muna Ndulo (eds). Issues in Zambian Development. Omenana: Roxbury, USA.
    1. Mijere, and Kalipinya E. (2001). “Population and Environment: The Political Economy of Resource Distribution in Transkei, South Africa”. In: Moses Tesi (ed). The Environment and Development in Africa. Lexington Books: London

    C. Journal Articles

    1. N. (1999). “Capitalist economic development and the status of men and women in the 21st Century. Women Studies Vol. II No.1 &2.
    1. Mijere, N. (1998). “Multiparty Democracy and the Informal Trading in the Eastern Cape of South Africa.” Eastern Africa Social Science Research Review.
    1. Mijere, N. (1997). “Urbanisations and the informal sector in the former South African homeland: A study of Parallel trading in Transkei”. African Population Studies, Vol.1 No.12.
    1. Mijere, N. (1997). “Meeting the Infrastructural Needs of Increasing Population: The Case of Ngangelizwe and Etipini Squatter Settlements in Umtata”. Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences, Vol 8 No.1.
    1. Mijere, N. (1995). “Women Status and Women Employment Options in South Africa: The Case of Parallel Traders in the Former Transkei”. Women Studies vol. 7 no.
    1. Mijere, N. (1992). “African Socialism Revisited: The Struggles for Emancipation”. Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences, Vol.3, Umtata: University of Transkei.

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