Publications for Prof. MUSONDA, Moses

    Position: Associate Professor, Department of Secondary Education

    B.A., M.A. (Kent State), PhD (Bryn Mawr)

    Specialization: French and Literature

    Research Interest: Language use in communication. 


    A. Chapters in Books

    1. Musonda, M. (1978). Higher Education in Zambia. In Asa S Knowles (ed). The International Encyclopaedia of Higher Education. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass Publishers. Vol IX: 4468-4476.
    1. Musonda, M. (1978). A Study of Language Use Among Local Students of the University of Zambia. In S. Ohannessian and M E Kashoki (eds). Language in Zambia. London: International African Institute, pp 228-243.

    B. Journal Articles

    1. Musonda, M. (1995). War in the Theatre of Giraudoux. NGOMA, a Journal of Literary research, critical and creative writing from Zambia.
    1. Musonda, M. (1994). La Signification du Miracles d’Amis et d’Amille. Studi Francesi,No. 112, XXXXVIII, 1: 77-84.
    1. Musonda, M. (1988). Voltaire’s I’Ing’enu and the World Upside Down. Studi Francesi, No. 94, XXXII, 1: 23-29.
    1. Musonda, M. (1984). The Teaching of French in Zambian Secondary Schools: an appraisal of the first decade of Independence (1965-1975). Zambia Educational Review, vol. V, No. 2: 37-150.
    1. Musonda, M. and Kashoki, M.E. (1982). Lexical Adaptability in Bemba and Luunda: some implications for presenting communication. African Social Research, No. 34: 293-316.
    1. Musonda, M. (1982). The Theme of Education in Camara Laye’s I’Enfant noir. ZANGO, Zambian Journal of Contemporary Issues, No. 10: 34-46.
    1. Musonda, M. (1980). Le Thème du monde `a l’envers dans Aucassin et Nicolette. Medioevo Romanzo, XXII, No. 1: 22-36.

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