Publications for Prof. MWANSA, Dickson M.

    Position: Professor, Department of Adult Education

    BA with Education (UNZA), M.Ed, Ed.D (Toronto)

    Specialization: Literacy and Development

    Research Interest: Use of theatre for development


    A. Books

    1. Mwansa, D. M. (2014).   The Family question and other plays.  London: Xlibris.
    1. Mwansa, D. M. (2013). Pursuit of a Dream: The Story Behind the Zambian Open University. Lusaka.
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    1. Mwansa, D. M. (1989). Father Kalo and the Virus. Lusaka: National Theatre Arts Association of Zambia.

    B. Monographs

    1. Mwansa, D. M. (2004). Forum for African Women Educationalists of Zambia: Growth And Impact on Girls Education. Nairobi: Form for African Women Educationalists in Africa.
    1. Mwansa, D. M. & Kasanda, S. (1989). Strategies and Approaches to Development, Constraints and Opportunities for Collaboration. Helsinki: Centre for Development Co- operation (Monograph No.4). (Finish title: Koyhehien Panos Khtalonsa Maaraamiseen)

    C. Chapters in Books

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    D. Journal Articles

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