Publications for Mr. CHOMBA, Brown

    Position: Lecturer III, Department of Guidance and Counselling

    Cert. Ed. (Kitwe), Dip.Ed. (Nkrumah), BA with Ed. (UNZA), MA (Durham)

    Specialization: Languages, HIV/AIDS in Guidance and Counseling and Community  Development

    Research Interest: Perceptions of HIV/AIDS in the work place”


    ABooks and Monographs

    1. Chomba, B ( 2005). Ode to fallen heroes of Zambia- Mundia are you dead? Multi-Media Publishers Limited.

    B. Chapters in Books 

    1. Chomba, B. (2005). Killed by Thunderbom, Kapwepwe,  Mundia Are You  Dead?  Multi-Media Publishers Limited.

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