School of Business Cont

  1. Producing graduates capable of quickly meeting the managerial, administrative and leadership skill challenges of both government and local and international industry;
  1. Enhancing the knowledge and skills of established managers;
  1. Equipping students with the requisite techniques, particularly quantitative techniques, for dealing with economic, social and political problems in the business environment;
  1. Offering innovative and interdisciplinary undergraduate and postgraduate programs that will aid graduates in engaging in analytical and creative thinking as well as making ethical business decisions;
  1. Preparing undergraduates for graduate school;
  1. Continuously improving and supporting  a cadre of highly qualified and entrepreneurial academic staff, that will be responsive to student needs, and that will excel in teaching and both pure and applied research;  and
  1. Developing graduates capable of assisting commercial businesses in attaining the triple bottom line through the accomplishment of targets that are socially, environmentally as well as financially sound.

Academic Members of Staff:

Full Time:

  • Mr. Lubasi Simataa (MSc)
  • Mr Leonard Mayaka, B.Ac (UNZANDO), MBF (Milan)

Part Time:

  • Dr. Moses Banda (PhD-Economics)
  • Dr. Herrick Chota Mpuku (PhD-Economics)
  • Dr. Lewis Bwalya Chilufya (PhD)
  • Dr. Godfrey Mulenga (PhD Economics)
  • Dr. W. Chekwe (PhD)
  • Mr. M. Besa (LLM)
  • Mr. Ededias Musonda (MSc)
  • Mr. Protasio Chipulu (MBA)
  • Mr. Abel Mbewe (MBA)
  • Mr. Griffin Nyirongo (MA-Economics)
  • Michael Chinyimba (MBA)
  • Francis Ndhlovu (MBA; MsC)
  • Mr. James Mumba (MA-Economics)
  • Mr. Msimuko Japhet Phaskani (MBA)
  • Mr. Joseph Mwansa Chikolwa (MBA), Euston
  • Mr Trevor Kapotwe (MBA)
  • Mr Gilbert Nsama (MBA)
  • Chilyango Frank Chiwele (MSC; Pursuing PhD in International Business)
  • Elliot Musonda Mumba (MBA)
  • Jeffrey S. Muleya (MBA)
  • John K. Jere (MSC)
  • Fredrick Kakau Musweu (MsC, Finance & Bus
  • Dr. P.D. Machungwa, B.A (UNZA), M.A, PhD (Michigan State)

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