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Students graduating from the Department of Development end up joining the Civil Service as administrators, planners and so on. Others join the NGO world as analyst and strategists. They can also join the Diplomatic service after obtaining their Masters degree where they specialize in International Relations. Ministry of Commerce and Industry will also employ graduates with degrees in Development studies.

Graduates from the Department of Governance and Public Administration have job opportunities in the Civil Service as administrators in various areas. Many find employment in the Ministry of Local Government and Housing especially in the many District Councils, Municipal Councils and City Councils. They become administrators, Planners, Council secretaries and so on.

Academic Members of Staff:

Full Time

  • Mr T. M. C Mabwe, BA (UNZA), MA (UEA, UK)
  • Ms T. Mbewe, BA LIS (UNZA), MA
  • Mrs. M. K. M. Mulunga, BA, MA (UNZA)
  • Prof. J. K. Ngwisha, BA, BSW, M.Sc, PhD
  • Mr V. Mwanza BA (UNZA), MBA (Finance) (Hull)
  • Dr Mbita Chitala, BA. MA, PhD (UNZA)
  • Dr Gilbert Mudenda, BA, MA, PhD
  • Prof Nsolo Mijere, BSW, MSW, PhD
  • Dr Peter Kaumba Lolojih, BA, MA (Michigan State), PhD (UNZA)
  • Mr Billy Nkunika, Dip AD, DFA, MFA
  • Mr William Bwalya Miko, Dip FA, BA, MA
  • Mr B. Bowa, BA (unza) B.Soc. ( Hons) Ottawa, M.A, M.P.A ( Carleton)

Part-Time Lecturers

  • Prof. D. M. Mwansa, BA (Ed) (UNZA), M. Ed, Ed. D (Toronto)
  • Mr V. Mwanza BA (UNZA), MBA (Finance) (Hull)
  • Mr D. Elemu BA (UNZA), MA (The Hague)
  • Dr F. Masiye, BA (UNZA), MA PhD (UCT)
  • Ms N. S. Mwale,   BA (UNZA) MA (The Hague)
  • Mr W. Nyundu, BA (UNZA), MA (UNZA)
  • Mr D. Siame, BA (UNZA) MA
  • Mr M. Mumba, BA (UNZA) MA (The Hague)
  • Mr C. C Kangale, Dip Ph, Bth-TD (Kwazulu Natal)
  • Mr C. Mbangweta, BA (UNZA), MA (The Hague)
  • Mr M. Isimwaa, BA (UNZA), MA (Toronto)
  • Ms Y Zulu Mutale, BA, MA
  • Mr D. Chikalanga, BA (UNZA), MA (Cambridge)
  • Ms Vandita Varghbhay, MA
  • Ms Melody Simukali, BA, MA (UNZA)
  • Ms Rose Phiri, BA, MA
  • Mr J. Chulu, BA, MA
  • Mr S. Namoya, BA, MA
  • Mr R. Mooya, BA, PGD (Development Studies)
  • Ms C.M. Pollen, BA, MA
  • Mr G Chabu, BA, MA, Mrs Pity Ndhlovu Halwiindi, BA, MA
  • Mr Chendela Masengo,(Tutor), BA (UNZA)

Head of Department: Mr Thomas M. C. Mabwe, BA (UNZA), MA (UEA, UK)


The Bachelor of Fine Arts degree is offered to school leavers and practicing artists with wide experience and holders of Diplomas in Fine Arts. The duration of the programme is four years.

Head of Department: Mr Billy Nkunika, Dip AD, DFA, MFA

Full Time

  • Mr Billy Nkunika, Dip AD, DFA, MFA
  • Mr William Bwalya Miko, Dip FA, BA, MA

Part Time

  • Ms Vandita Varghbhay, MA
  • Prof D.M. Mwansa, BA (Ed), M, Ed, Ed. D

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