Bachelor of Arts in Policing and Security Studies (BA-PSS)

This course seeks to enhance and strengthen the ability of the learners to implement modern law enforcement management and security practices that reflect democratic principles to intercept national and international criminal elements. This Program is intended for learners seeking a career in law enforcement, military, private and public security and correctional systems. Below is the full course outline.

Year 1Semester 1Lecturer
LPS 111 Peace Keeping & Conflict Resolution LPS 112 Introduction to Criminology ICT 131 Computer Applications ED 101 Study & Communication SkillsMr C Gwanzura Dr F X Musonda TBA TBA
Year 1Semester 2Lecturer
LPS 113  Introduction to Policing LPS 115 Juvenile Justice LPS 114 Introduction to Policing Psychology LPS 118 Policing EthicsDr F X Musonda TBA Mr B Phiri/D Kavumba Mr C Gwanzura
Year 2Semester 1Lecturer
LPS 211 Private Security LPS 212 Criminal Justice Management LPS 213 Crime Prevention LPS 214 Contemporary PolicingMr B Phiri Dr F X Musonda Dr F X Musonda Mr B Phiri
Year 2Semester 2Lecturer
LPS 215 Security Studies LPS 216 Crime Analysis LPS 217 Interviewing & Investigation Skills LPS 218 Penology/Criminal SanctionsDr F X Musonda Mr B Phiri Mr B Phiri Dr F X Musonda
Year 3Semester 1Lecturer
LL 311 Law of Evidence LL 341 Human Rights Law LPS 312 HIV/AIDS & Gender Issues LPS 313 Counter TerrorismDr M Hamalengwa Judge Chanda (rtd) Dr F X Musonda TBA
Year 3Semester 2Lecturer
LPS 314 Governance, Participation & Human Rights LPS 315 Humanitarian/Military Law LL 319 Labour Law LPS 316 Forensic ScienceMr C Gwanzura   Ms S Gondwe TBA Dr Hamalengwa
Year 4Semester 1 CoursesLecturer
 LPS 411 International Law & Diplomacy LPS 412 Criminal Justice in a Global Environment LPS 413 Cyber-Crime LPS 414 Directed ResearchMr C Gwanzura Dr F X Musonda TBA   All Lecturers
Year 4Semester 2Lecturer
 LPS 415 Police Law LPS 416 Media Law and Ethics LPS 417 Juvenile Justice LPS 414 Directed ResearchDr  F X Musonda Dr F X Musonda TBA All Lecturers

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