Bachelor Of Laws (LLB)

The folowing is the course outline for a Bachelor of Laws

Year 1Semester 1
ED 101         Study and Communication Skills
LL 111          Law of Torts I
LL 121         Constitutional Law I
LL 131         General Principles of Criminal Law I
Year 1Semester 2
LL 112           Law of Torts II
LL 122           Constitutional Law II
LL 132           General Principles of Criminal Law II
LL 142           Legal Process
Year 2Semester 1
LL 211           Commercial Law I
LL 221           Law of Contract I
LL 231           Administrative Law I
LL 241           Land Law and Development I
Year 2Semester 2 Courses
LL 202           Family Law
LL 212           Law of Contract II
LL 222           Commercial Law II
LL 232           Administrative Law II
LL 242           Land Law and Development II
Year 3Semester 1
LL 311           Law of Evidence
LL 321           International Law I
LL 331           Business Associations
LL 341            Human Rights Law
Year 3Semester 2
LL 319            Labour Law
LL 322            International Law II
LL 324            Company Law
LL 327            Alternative Dispute Resolution
Year 4Semester 1 Courses
LL 411            Moot Court
LL 421           Jurisprudence I
LL 431            Legal Research
LL 441            Intellectual Property Law
LL 451            Conflict of Laws
Year 4Semester 2
LL 432            Immigration and Refugee Law
LL 442           Jurisprudence II

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