Students shall be required to write two (2) assignments in each taught course. Deadlines for completion and handing in assignments shall be strictly observed.

Category: Examinations

Assignments are meant to reinforce and test students’ understanding and knowledge of the subject, research and writing skills, as well as argument evaluation. They are also designed to equip students  for submission of reports in  work environment. Further, assignments are intended to prepare students for semester examinations. Students are expected to work independently and demonstrate capacity to consult materials outside residential school lectures, and Study Guides. Where it is appropriate, use of personal experience is encouraged. Most important is showing honesty about sources a student uses. Sources of information must be acknowledged appropriately by quoting the author of the works consulted or used.

As a general rule an assignment should contain the following (see “Tutorial Lecture” by Prof B.F Smit, 10/2012, p18)

  • Title
  • Table of Contents
  • Introduction
  • Definition of key concepts used
  • Discussion/analysis/evaluation of the elements of key concepts
  • Comparison/differentiation of various elements were necessary
  • Conclusion
  • References
  • Bibliography
Category: Examinations

Upon successful completion of one (1) year of study, each student, at the commencement of year two (2), shall be required to choose a research topic. A seminar shall be organized by the Dean, School of Graduate Studies and Research at which each student shall present their research topic, together with a hypothesis (es) and methodology.

At the end of the seminar, which shall be attended  by all students on the course and faculty members, a supervisor from within the ZAOU shall be assigned to each student. Students shall be expected to work closely with their supervisors and produce original work using both desk and field work sources.  Four complete and bound copies of dissertation must be handed in before or at the end of year two (2).

The dissertation will be worth 100% 

Category: Examinations

All students shall be required to write and pass an examination in all taught courses, upon proof that they attended nor less than 75% of lectures in a particular course.  A student who failed to attend the requisite number of lectures shall not be permitted to sit for an examination in that course and shall be obliged to repeat the course in question.

All students shall be expected to submit and pass all the required assignments in all the courses in order to be allowed to write the examinations.

The examination will contribute 50% to the final grade.

Category: Examinations

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