Information Communication Technology

Mr. John Kaseya – Acting Director ICT

The Directorate of Information Communication Technologies (ICT) is tasked with strategically implementing ICTs to support education including teaching and eLearning. 

As part of its role, the unit annually supplies the essential ICT infrastructure and services to help the University achieve its strategic goals. Additionally, the Unit Manages all crucial University systems like Student Information Systems, Financial Transaction System and the eLearning platform. Furthermore, some of the services provided by the directorate encompass internet access, email services, and web hosting.

ICT Training Center

Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft Publisher

Microsoft Access

Microsoft Projects

Advanced Online Research

Networking & Hardware Maintenance

Monitoring & Evaluation using INDICATA Software

Foundation ICDL Module (Per Module)

Cyber Security Essentials (ICDL)

Web Development (HTML, PHP, MySQL)

Networking Essentials (ICDL)

Digital Marketing (ICDL)


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