The University implemented the ADL digital library to enable lecturers and students have access to electronic books, articles and other academic papers. The Library has over 75,00 books and articles. The ADL digital library has been implemented to complement the physical library located at Ben Bella Campus in Lusaka.

The eLibrary is currently accessible on both Android and Windows platforms. Users using the Windows platform will only be able to read books online (without an option to save) until next month when the full version will be released.

Login Instructions

In order to access the eLibrary, students can use the following steps;

1. Open the ZAOU website (
2. Click on library and select library login on the drop down menu
3. Enter a personal email address which was registered with the University
4. Click next after entering the email address
5. Enter the student ID and password used for accessing Moodle or SRMS
6. Click on Login

Students having challenges logging into the eLibrary can contact the Library teamĀ on or call 211-427600.

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